Construction Materials Laboratory
ASTM D1557 Modified Proctor Test [Includes Oversized Correction]
ASTM D698 Standard Proctor Test [Includes Oversized Correction]
ASTM C136 Aggregate Sieve Analysis (Dry)
ASTM D6913 Soil Sieve Analysis (Washed)
ASTM D2216 Moisture Content
ASTM C131/535 LA Abrasion Small or Large Aggregate
ASTM C88 Sodium Sulfate Soundness of Aggregate (5 cycles)
ASTM C29 Aggregate Bulk Density/Unit
ASTM C127/C128 Specific Gravity (Coarse/Fine)
Walter Page Method Cementing Value (5 Specimens Tested)
ASTM C856 & C457 Petrographic Analysis
ASTM C1218/AASHTO T260 Acid or Water-soluble Chloride Ion Testing (Modified)
ASTM C39 Compressive Strength of Cylinders (3”x6”, 4”x8” or 6”x12”)
ASTM C495 Compressive Strength and Unit Weight of Lightweight Concrete
ASTM C79 Third-Point Flexural Strength of 6” x 6” x 21” Beam
ASTM C39/C42 Core Preparation, Capping, and Compressive Strength
AASHTO T245 Marshall Specimen Fabrication (set of 3)
ASTM D2726/AASHTO T166 Bulk Specific Gravity (set of 3)
ASTM D2172/AASHTO T30 Asphalt Extraction (centrifuge method)
ASTM D1559 Resistance and Flow of Marshall Specimens (set of 3)
ASTM D2041/AASHTO T209 Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity Test
ASTM C109 Compression of Mortar/Grout Cubes or Cylinders
ASTM C1019 Compression of Grout Prisms (includes Gypsum Capping)
ASTM C140 Brick/Pavers Gypsum Capping and Compressive Strength
ASTM C216 Brick/Pavers Compressive Strength and Absorption (set of 15)
ASTM C1314 Compression of Hollow/Grouted CMU Prisms & Blocks
ASTM E605 Density Testing of In-place Fireproofing Material
ASTM E736 In-place Adhesion/Cohesion Fireproofing Testing
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